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Shoreline was awarded another Jetty construction project worth N$ 16 Million. The Jetty is designed to provide access to the third Floating Dock purchased by Elgin Brown & Hammer Namibia.

The structure consists out of a 500 mm thick reinforced concrete deck and will be constructed upon 52 no.
precast concrete piles. Each of the 12 ton steel reinforced concrete piles is 24 m long with a diameter of 600 mm.

A total of 857 M3 of 40 Mpa and 50 Mpa concrete will be poured into this structure and will be reinforced with
141 ton of reinforcing high tensile steel. This design and construct project is expected to be completed in 6 months.

Client : EBHN (PTY) Ltd
Consulting Engineers : WML Coast (PTY) Ltd
Contractor : Shoreline Construction Namibia

  New Jetty for Merlus (Pty) Ltd

This N$ 15 mil. reinforced concrete structure will be 101m long x 11.5m wide. We will remove the existing revetment for some 85m and reconstruct it 24m shoreward of its present location. ± 10000 m3 of sand will have to be removed by excavator and trucked to the local municipal dump.

Client : Merlus (PTY) ltd
Consulting Engineers : WML Coast
Contractor : Shoreline Construction Namibia

New Jetty for the Namibian Navy

In conjunction with M&R International, Shoreline is currently constructing a 16.5m x 200m long Jetty for the Namibia Navy.

This N$ 45 Mil structure is expected to be completed by February 2012.