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Shoreline's marine construction team are busy casting N$ 5 Mil Caisson on the dry dock in Walvis Bay

This 1000T structure is designed to float. Only 1m of the structure will be visible above sea level during the floating process

A tug boat will tow the watertight Caisson to its final resting place near Wlotzkasbaken

The Caisson will be sunk in 10m deep water ± 1.3 km into the sea from the shoreline's high water mark

Once sunk, it will serve as an anchor block and intake filter system for the desalination pipelines


Concrete Weight coating


Shoreline Construction was awarded a N$ 9 million concrete weight coating contract for the M&R desalination project at Wlotzkasbaken

This contract forms part of a seawater intake pipeline valued at N$ 200 million

Dry dock Walvis Bay

Floating Dock

Shoreline is currently engaged in the extension of the existing jetty to accommodate the 2nd floating dock in Walvis Bay

Client : EBH Namibia - Namdock
Consulting Engineers : WML Coast
Contractor : Shoreline Construction

This concrete jetty is constructed on top of Pile driven 650mm diameter steel tubes filled with reinforcement steel and 45Mpa concrete

The N$ 10 million structure is expected to be completed in 5 months

Lalandii Jetty in Lüderitz

In a joint venture with Frankipile Africa and consulting engineers WML Coast,
Shoreline Construction extended a Lüderitz pier for Lalandii Pty Ltd.
The N$10 million project, was completed in 6 months, July 2006 More


Lüderitz fish factory and farm

Constructed for SCT (PTY) ltd to the value of N$ 6 million, completed April 2005
Consulting Engineer : WML Coast (PTY) Ltd Blast freezer concrete floor specialist: William Rogers QS.


Beach House

Shoreline's Building division have been contracted to construct a Beach house @ Eco village, Dolphin Beach, Walvis Bay. This N$ 12 mil. structure was build almost entirely out of reinforced concrete (250m3) consisting of 50 tons of reinforcing steel.

Client : Eugene and Kirsten Hugo
Architect : Sanderine, MLA Architects
Consulting Engineers : WML Coast
Contractor : Shoreline Construction

Namibian Islands Project

Shoreline has rebuilt the jetties on the Namibian Penguin Islands Mercury, Ichaboe and Possession, off the Namibian South West coast, in conjunction with Windhoek Consulting Engineers for the Ministry of Environment and Marine Resources

Completed February 2005

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Timber jetty and floating marina

For the Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company

July 2004